Truth Evolutionism
--sciences unified into Science of Pursuit


The above equation is the mathematical expression to calculate negative action in the universe. By replacing negative action with the corresponding pursued quantity, it can be the universal way to calculate happiness in society, profit in economy and knowledge in research. So sciences about largest negative action pursuit, largest happiness pursuit, largest profit pursuit and largest knowledge pursuit are unified into one: Science of Pursuit.

Pursuit systems with different mathematical expressions and methodologies have different expanding speed. From least action principle in physics, universe pursues negative action the best, so physics is equivalent with "Science about the fastest expanding system". Since expanding velocity is invariant with dimension and unit of the pursued quantity, any pursuit system can perfect itself by "Imitating Universe".

If there is perturbation freedom(all kinds of perturbations are possible) in nihility, then the fastest expanding system will have the largest observation probability, 100%, after enough long evolution. Since human beings pursue the fastest development(fastest expansion of happiness), knowledge about how to expand the fastest is called "Truth". So "Universe" and "Truth" are both evolution results from nihility, this is called "Truth Evolutionism", which provides the simplest foundation for all sciences.


"Truth Evolutionism" Project--deduce all truths from perturbation freedom in nihility

Part I: Basic Theory about Perfect Pursuit System

1 Theory about Perfect Pursuit--universe expands because charges absorb energy from electromagnetic field
2 Similarities between Universe, Society and Research
3 Science Unification--translate physical axioms into society

Part II: General Theory about "Truth Evolutionism"

1 Nihility is unstable and universe must expand
2 Axioms about Advantage and Methodology
3 More Properties about Advantage and Methodology
4 Axioms about Purpose and Advantage

Part III: Applications in Society, Economy and Research.

1 Imitation Method--Reproducing Universe in Society
2 Feedback mechanism, analyze development for pursuer
3 Prove Advantage Empirically--experience and democracy
4 Happiness unification, from action invariance
5 Some Applications in Economy
6 Equality and Inequality in a Perfect Pursuit System
7 Some Perfect methods for Economy
8 Two Kinds of Exchange in a Pursuit System
9 Research Is also a Pursuit System


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Table of Basic Concept Mapping in Science of Pursuit

How to observe society as a universe?

How to build society as Large as the Universe

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