This site mainly contains four theories: "Copying Universe", Imitation Method, Science of Pursuit, Truth Evolutioism. I discovered them in the above order, importance also increases in the order.

The weakest theory is that universe can be reproduced in other pusuit systems. The theory simplifies non-quantum physics, deducing space-time metric, distribution of electromagnetic field and gravitational field, universe expansion, from the mathematical expression of pursuer's pursued quantity mcuidxi+qAidxi.

Imitation Method is a stronger theory than "copying universe", if human beings have belief on universe, they can perfect society by imitating universe. Perfect society will be a man-made universe, and social sciences can be as accurate as natural sciences. A perfect society can be established by human beings--by studying the way universe organizes its quantities.

For the universe, we know its laws well, but do not know why there are these laws; for society, we do not know what are the best laws; for research, we do not know what are the best research methods. But we know the choice principle in society and research: choose everything in order to have the best pursuit results. So if these pursuit systems are similar, our knowledge about them can compensate each other. From this site, if human beingsĄ¯ feelings satisfy the same axioms as the universe, perfect society can be deduced rigorously.

"Science of Pursuit" is a more advanced theory than Imitation Method. The theory provides a mode for development in a closed system. This is a united theory to explain why universe expands, why society develops and why knowledge makes progress. All of them are fundamental problems in the corresponding science. It not only simplifies our knowledge about universe, but also greatly simplifies our knowledge about society and research.

Truth Evolutionism, although unfinished, is one of the most ambitious project for human beings. From the theory, a system with the largest observation probability will be created from perturbations in nihility; truth is knowledge about expanding the fastest. The fastest expanding system will have the largest observation probability, so the universe includes all truth, and only includes truth. If basic natural laws can be deduced from the largest negative action principle, truths can be deduced from mathematical expression of pursued quantities. If a close system can be self-realized(through self-expanding), we do not need creator(s) for any existence.

The theory also solves many basic philosophy problems, like infinite truth. origin and future of universe, existence of ultimate truth, etc. In this theory, ultimate truth(perturbation freedom) is unique, universal and a priori.

From the theory, there is a teleological explanation for universe. All abstract concepts in physics find its mappings in science of pursuit. Pursuit is the only aim for all existence in this world. In a pursuit system, everything is chosen to have the largest pursued quantity. So I try to explain everything in universe in the language of science of pursuit.

Advantages and Decisive Tests for Science of Pursuit

If a theory solves many basic problems without generating new problems, it is better. It is especially important for unsolvable problems. An unsolvable problem means a fatal weakness for a theory. Science of Pursuit solves the following unsolvable problems in present sciences:

1 Origin of universe--from evolution from nihility;

2 Truth simplified the most--Truth evolutionism;

3 Simplify sciences--because of science unification;

4 Simplify physics--Explain the meaning of basic physical quantity, simplify unknown terms in negative action.

Space-time distance and the terms about electromagnetic field and gravitational field are explained as expected negative action, so knowledge about space-time and field can all be deduced from knowledge about particle. Geometry is not a basic science.

The following results can be some decisive tests for science of pursuit.

1 Society and research will develop and progress the fastest when following basic natural laws. This is testable--just try a new social and economic system.

Universe can certainly be copied in another pursuit system. Imagine, society is just a man-made, or god-made, system. Then creators can properly altering the basic social quantities to make a quantity calculated the same way as negative action in universe. Choosing happiness is just a way for human beings' convenience.

2 Life time of universe does not change with time, and is always 1/H. When observed by natural observation, this is a general property for exponential development.

3 Universe will neither stop expanding nor become dilute substances without interaction. This is harder to test. In society, it means there exists methods to make economy develop forever without systematic stagnancy or crisis.

4 Particles in black hole will find its way to go out. In a perfect pursuit system, whole system participate pursuit and there is no discarded pursuer.

5 There must exist a mechanism to generate new pursuers in universe. So number of leptons and baryons are not conserved. Statistically, the symmetry-broken must be one way to increase the number.

About Internet Publishing

Publishing research results on internet has the following character:

1 Publishing speed is the fastest, similar to particle's instant reaction in universe. It is also convenient for readers to react.

2 Publishing is totally free. The perfect publishing system for research papers is: free publishing and commenting, publisher suggesting.

3 An important advantage is: readers can read whole evolution process of researcher's ideas. It is more close to the real research process. The negative influence is: the contents are sometimes inharmonious, because some new ideas have not been digested thoroughly in all theories. I think reading the creation process is also interesting and useful. In my childhood, I often wanted to see how Einstein works.

4 Internet provides more choices: chat, forum, email list, and multimedia techonologies.

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