Experience and Democracy

Basic natural laws are proved to be the best laws, because they satisfy largest negative action principle. In society, people usually prefer to choose social system by democracy. How large is the difference between the two choices?

Just like all truth, the best methodology can be both chosen rationally and empirically. Let¡¯s see how to prove, or find, best methodology from experiences. Since most human beings are empiricists, experience is the key to persuade people and win their supports for a new social system.

Perfection of a methodology is time invariant. If a methodology makes past history the best, it will also make future history the best. If we can not deduce future pursued quantity, at least we can remember past pursued quantity: experiences.

Since total pursued quantity is pursued in a pursuit system, total pursued quantity in whole system is the quantity deciding the advantage of a methodology. So the correct way to calculate experience ought to be democracy method:

Total pursued quantity in a larger part of a pursuit system is a better criterion to judge advantage.

So, rigorously speaking, democracy is a way to calculate pursued quantity. The best democracy is ¡°pursued quantity democracy¡±, which is sum of all pursued quantity in the pursuit system. But total pursued quantity is "Not" calculated in present democracy, at most total pursued quantity in several years(so deficit is supported) and in a region(so trade protection and race discrimination is supported).

In society, pursued quantity is calculated by number of pursuers in present democracy, which is ¡°pursuer democracy¡± at most. So a person with more satisfaction does not have larger right in voting. This leads to discriminate against pursuers with more pursued quantity, like progressive taxation.

¡°Pursued quantity democracy¡± in whole system is the best way to choose methodology, but not the best to choose pursuer¡¯s behaviors, which ought to be chosen by pursuer himself. Similarly in universe, basic natural laws are given, but pursuer¡¯s freedom is almost unhurt. In present democracy, there are many democratic decisions choosing behaviors for pursuers, like working time, public expenditure.

Best methodology can not be empirically rigorously proved, because human beings can not live in all possible methodologies and compare their total pursued quantity. So ration must be used in choosing methodology, maybe a bad news for human beings.

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