Is science of pursuit a surface plain enough to make perfect society an identical image of universe?

Imagine universe is a society and each particle is a person. Treat a particle's negative action as happiness, or other pursued quantity. Thinking about every complex interaction between particles as commercial relation between persons. If you succeeded in thinking this way, a particle choosing state to have least action ought to be thought as choosing state to have largest happiness, or largest profit in economy.

Since least action principle is enough to decide universe. It leads to an important result: universe can be reproduced in any pursuit system. This leads to another problem: since the reproduced universe makes happiness the largest, is it perfect society?

1. Imitation method

In the following, I explain the similarities between universe and society by imitation method, a stronger explanation than reproducing universe in society. If reproduced universe is perfect society, it leads to imitation method.

People can learn a language well and pretty quickly because there are models to imitate. In bionics, people imitate other living things. If we can find a model which is trustworthy as a perfect pursuit system(PPS), society can be perfected by imitating the PPS. Final result of imitation is that imitator and model will be isormorphic with each other. Imitation method greatly reduces number of possible theories for perfect society, in fact,there is only one possible candidate for model: universe.

To use imitation method, several conditions must be satisfaied. The first condition is observable condition:

Imitated system must be observable by imitators.

Definition for best methodology(BM):

If adopting a methodology at one time in a PS has advantage over all the other methodologies in guiding pursuit, it is the best methodology for the PS at that time.

The second condition is existence condition:

There is one BM at least for any pursuit system at any time.

In a pursuit system, if all behaviors follow BM,it is a PPS.

The third condition is time-invariance condition:

If a methodology is BM at one time,it is BM forever.

If BM varies with time, observed methodology at one time can not guide imitators.

The fourth condition is universality condition:

If a methodology is BM for one pursuit system, it is BM for all pursuit systems.

The third and fourth conditions ensure that every pursuit system can imitate any PPS at any time, and imitated methodology is forever applicable. BM for a pursuit system is given even the system does not exist, so BM is universal truth,forever truth and a priori truth. Methodology perfectness is irrevalent with whether it is applied or not.

The fifth condition is unique truth condition:

In any pursuit system,BM is unique.

This makes it easier to judge whether a methodology is BM or not when one BM is known. A PPS includes all perfectness.

After all, quality of model decides imitation result. Perfect universe hypothesis:

Universe is a PPS.

For human beings,nature is not only a beautiful system to live in,but also the only source of truth. Notice that nature has much longer history,much more particles, each particle decides how to move much faster than we do.

If imitation method is true,there is science unification theorem:

When using the same observation method,basic laws are the same in all PPS,

So science about perfect society(economy) is the same as science about universe: physics.

The remaining work for imitation method is:

Discover all laws in universe,choose BM from these laws, translate these laws into social language and adopt them in society.

Not all laws belong to BM,because most laws are not independent laws, they are just results of BM(basic laws in physics).

It is interesting to see that it makes no difference whether BM is instinctively followed or rationally followed. Intelligence is not a part of BM,it just helps pursuit systems with imperfect instincts to be perfect. If our instincts were identical with BM, intelligence would be unnecessary in dealing with social relations.

In society, a person should love his home country, his parents, but has no responsbility to love universe, which is the main source for his happiness. Why people do not love and respect the thing giving them the largest happiness?

If a person does not love his home country, he maybe condemned as a traitor; if he does not love his parents, he may accused to be unfilial. But what if one does not love universe?

2. Results of imitation method

In a PPS, what is right and what is wrong(legality and morality) is not decided by the majority, the tradition, the great thinkers or power. Legal and moral standards must be BM. Physicists have the right to interprete BM.

Demand will never be totally satisfied,so happiness is not the sign for perfectness. How well BM is followed is the only standard to judge perfectness. In order to establish and maintain a perfect society, following BM is the necessary and sufficient condition.

Pursuit systems following BM will be rewarded,not from mystical powers, but from the advantage of BM. When society becomes a PPS, it is the end of imitation process and the end of pursuing perfectness. Perfectness can be reached by human beings.

Imitation method implies that there is a teleological explanation for universe, while physics is a mechanistic explanation for universe. A mechanistic theory includes basic laws, these laws are foundation for deduction and exist without any reason; while in a teleological theory, basic laws work for a purpose(pursuit) so they are better called basic methods. For example,in mechanistic explanation, basic natural laws do not change with space-time because it is ruled to be so; while in teleological explanation,it is because that BM has advantage everywhere. Mechanistic truth can only be checked in the system; teleological truth can be checked everywhere because of universality condition.

Imitation method can be used in two ways: human beings learn best methodology for society and research from physics; physicists can also learn laws in some special situations from economy, or even research, because our observation to universe is far from enough, especially about large scale phenomena.

3 Why Universe is a Perfect Model for Pursuit Systems

Firstly, nihility is unstable, and the most stable system ought to be developing the fastest. So we ought to imitate universe.

Secondly, human beings can not run a pursuit system well. Universe has evolved for billions of years and expands with nearly constant speed. Society has evolved for thousands of years, full of wars. Economy has evolved for hundreds of years, full of danger of depressions. Researchers research for tens of years, but full of failures. If running a pursuit system is so dangerous for human beings, why not to learn how to run from universe.

Thirdly, there is limitation for logic and deduction methodí¬logic itself can not distinguish right and wrong. So logic itself is incomplete to judge truthfulness.

Truth standard is also the standard to distinguish right and wrong. In society, why people must follow laws and morality? If the reason is simply because of power or someone's thoughts, we can never say a person does anything wrong or right objectively.

Fourthly, in order to understand a system well, it is necessary to observe both from outside and from inside. For universe, people ought to imagine to observe from outside, like they observe society(from another planet?). For society and research, people ought to imagine to observe from inside, like they observe universe.

Imitation method explains universe by society and research system. Just like translation: if you do not understand a language, translate it.

4 There is No Constant in a PPS

Does BM include all space-time invariant things in a PPS? Or how to choose BM from all space-time invariant things in a PPS? If converse propositions of universal condition and time-invariance condition is also true, we shall have the answer. The following is a proposition about choosing BM:

If something is space-time invariant in one PPS, it is also PPS invariant.

There are many constants in present physics,like Planck constant, light velocity, gravitational constants. If these constants are really constants in whole universe, they ought to be adopted in society as constants too, and I am afraid it is wrong. I would rather to keep the proposition(the reason is complex) and abandon constants.

In a pursuit system, there are methodology and behaviors. In a PPS, methodology is invariant because it is always the best; behaviors change because they are not always the best.

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