Without a perfect model, is a diligent thinker able
to find the perfect social system from irrecursive
infinite possible methods?

In the following, I list some perfect methods imitated from universe. At least, they look like good methods. These methods are very familiar to human beings, although none of them is perfectly followed, some will be very strongly opposed by some people. There is a long way for society to be perfected.

From axioms about a perfect pursuit system, a perfect pursuit system is decided by -mcuidxi-qAidxi and unified feelings for pursued quantity. The former can be viewed as a definition for space-time and field potential measurement, so the kernel to perfect a pursuit system is to unify pursued quantity.

In society, pursuers in one set discriminate pursuers in other sets. Classifications like countries, races and languages, will lead to bad methods because they contradict with unified pursued quantity principle. For example, a citizen loves its country, but the happiness is not accepted by foreigners. That pursued quantity is measured the same for all pursuers will ensure that the pursued quantity is unified. So the kernel method for perfect pursuit is pursued quantity equality. Without unified pursued quantity, it can not be guaranteed that every behavior is agreed to be the best behavior by every pursuer.

(Thanks Tom Davidson for reminding me the importance of unified pursued quantity.)

In this article, I explain three main applications of unified happiness(or called happiness equality): desire equality for pursuers, possible contract equality for exchange and possible state equality for market.

Desire Equality in perfect pursuit system

Personal freedom, desire freedom between different pursuers, is part of desire equality. For a perfect pursuer, desires at different time have their rights to choose contracts by themselves. Present desires do not have the right to choose for future desires. Present behaviors are chosen for present desires, no sooner and no later.

Possible contract is propagated to search pursuers. In space, field searches region with high density of pursuers the same as region with no pursuer. In society, there is serious discrimination between realized desires and unrealized desires, this will reduce the probability for possible desires to be realized. Unrealized desires have their right to be treated as realized desires. In society, there is a long way to go for desire freedom--to treat every unrealized desire the same as realized desire. So desire freedom can also be called equality for realized and unrealized desires. Generally, equality is a more broad condition than freedom.

Similar to law equality in society, there is method of methodology equality:

In universe, all pursuers follow the same laws about motion; field from all pursuers follows the same laws about propagation.

In society, big companies have privileges in field distribution. Methodology equality is also result of desire equality.

Perfect Methods from Possible Contract Equality

Field is similar to possible contract because field has the following property, method of possible contract:

When a pursuer receives field, it has the corresponding potential energy; when it does not receive field, it will not have the potential energy.

In society, a pursuer normally exchanges with familiar pursuers. This will reduce other pursuers' probability to exchange with him, so he will pay more because of fewer choices. Exchanging with familiar pursuers is reasonable in an imperfect system, but in a perfect pursuit system, you can trust everyone. In universe, there is method of exchange:

Exchange between two pursuers includes three independent steps: one pursuer output field to open market, field propagating in market, another pursuer input field from market.

So a contract between two pursuers can be reached when both agree. Any relation between two pursuers is a kind of contract. For two pursuers without contract exchange, distance is infinitely large. Contract agreed by one and disagreed by the other is forbidden in a perfect pursuit system, but happens in society everyday.

Method of propagating widely:

Possible contracts from any pursuer are propagated to all the other pursuers.

So, in society, information about goods and services ought to be spread the widest.

In universe, an electron in an atom can be excited by photons, so a contract can be terminated at any time. In a perfect pursuit system, contract is similar to a intensity contract, which regulate the intensity of the contract only. Method of renting:

A pursuer can change the intensity of any possible contract at any time.

Renting is a way to replace ownership exchange by intensity ownership exchange.

In universe, pursuerĄ¯s field is propagated from near to far. In perfect society, possible contracts from a pursuer ought to be propagated from the largest profit ratio to the smallest profit ratio. Method of order:

Possible contract is propagated from near to far.

So motion order and field propagation order is identical.

Method of searching equality:

Electromagnetic field is propagated with constant velocity.

Method of independence:

If a pursuer connecting with all the other pursuers by exchanging possible contracts, it is an independent pursuer who decides his motion by himself.

In society, few pursuer has enough independence, because public opinions influence personal decisions strongly.

Some Perfect Methods about Market

With the unification of Europe, people have realized the advantage of unified market to some extent. In universe there is method of unified market:

There is only one space-time in universe.

In society, there are too many trade barriers. In a perfect market, trade between any two pursuers is free of charge.

In society, immigration and emigration is not free; in universe there is method of free migration:

In universe, every pursuer can move to any place(in order to get largest feedback negative action, there is upper limit for velocity).

Method of instant reaction:

A pursuer changes its state at once when field arrives.

It is obviously a good method for personal pursuit. Human beings can not follow it well because their bodies are not good enough: they need rest. Human beings can discover causality in universe easily because of the method. Suppose that particles reacting to interaction after a randomly chosen time(like we do in society), causal law can not be discovered easily in universe.

In society, personal behavior is not just influenced by his feelings because he plays games with others' feelings. Method of honesty:

For a pursuer in the same field, his behaviors, including motion and field output, are irrelevant with other pursuers' behaviors(decisions).

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