About Evolutionism

Evolutionism means: every change is a link of evolution; connecting all links together will be the whole evolution process from nihility to present existence. It makes the creator a very easy job: just provides the possibility for all kinds of perturbations to emerge.

In Darwin's Evolutionism, every life is evolution result from microbe: perturbations from "organic nihility".

In "Truth Evolutionism", every existence is evolution result of the corresponding perturbation in nihility. the universe is evolution results from perturbations in "Universe Nihility"; economy is evolution result from perturbations in "economy nihility"; knowledge research is evolution result from perturbations in "knowledge Nihility". Darwinism is just an application of Truth Evolutionism in biology. Evolution of universe is the expanding process: from infinitesimal to infinite large.

Origin of the "universe perturbation" is accidental, but the process from perturbation to infinite large is purely evolutionary. On the other hand, in a long time, the origin of such a perturbation is almost certain.

About Truth Evolutionism

In Truth Evolutionism, every existence origins from perturbation in nihility. So its ultimate goal is to find the evolution process from perturbation to existence and the best methods for expansion.

In truth evolutionism, the objective truth standard is:

(1) After enough long evolution, scale of a system represents its observation importance. A larger system is more important.

By evolution, a perfect pursuit system, called universe, will dominate the observation.

The subjective truth standard is the best methods:

(2) Human beings pursues the fastest expansion of their happiness. The knowledge about how to expand the fastest is called "Truth".

Truth, knowledge about how to expand the fastest, will dominate human beings because of its application importance: human beings pursue the fastest expansion of happiness.

Perfect pursuit systems have both observation importance and application importance. Pursuit systems are important because systems not pursuing do not have observation importance and application importance. So science of pursuit is the main part of Truth Evolutionism. "Science of Expansion" is a better name, but I called it "Science of Pursuit" because of my research history.

A perturbation includes two parts: the pursued quantity and methodology. From incompatible axiom in "Science Unification", system pursuing two independent quantities expands slower, so I just discuss perturbations with one pursued quantity in this article.

A little difference in expanding velocity will lead to large scale difference. For two systems with the same scale and different expanding velocity, after some evolution, the difference will be exp(tdH), dH is expanding velocity difference. So, after enough evolution, probability to observe a small system decreases to infinitesimal.

When pursued quantities have the same mathematical expression, methodology difference is the only reason for expanding velocity difference.

So, if "truth" is defined as the best methodology for system expansion, "truth" also follows evolutionism: fallacies will be harder to be observed as evolution goes, because perfect system expands much faster. The scale of an existence is approxiamately proportional to its truthfulness.

Since scale is approxiamately proportional to observation possibility, truthfulness is approxiamately proportional to the possibility of being observed. Universe is the largest system, also has the longest evolution history.

After enough evolution, the larger system is more important. What we called "truth" is the result of our truth standard or choice principle: observation. The methodology, set of laws, making a system to be the largest system is truth. So truth is uniquely decide when "largest observation possibility" is the standard.

Since pursued quantities do not influence advantage of methodologies, truth is universally valid. If all universally valid existence is truth, then stability is also an approxiamate criterion to decide truth--the more universal the more close to truth. A system just includes the pursued quantity and the methodology, corresponding to systematical property and universal property respectively. Natural laws have the best stability. In society, a bad social system can not last long, and imperfect pursuit system can not last forever.

About Truth Evolutionism Project--How to deduce all truths from Perturbation Freedom

From Euclid to Newton, scientists established science system from hypotheses like axioms and laws, which greatly simplified science foundation. But as number of sciences grows and more doubts for the truthfulness of axioms(it is impossible to judge the truthfulness of an axiom inside a formal system), sciences need a better foundation. "Truth Evolutionism" provides the simplest common foundation for all sciences. There is only one hypothesis: freedom for perturbations in nihility.

From (1), what we called "truth" is decided by expanding the fastest. So the ultimate purpose for human beings' science research is:

(3) Deduce all ultimate truth from one hypothesis: freedom for perturbations in nihility.

In science of pursuit, (3) is the unified, most simplified ultimate truth. Started from teleological truth, finally, it makes mechanical truth the simplest. Although I can not deduce all truth from (1) now, it is fairly close. Here is a review of success and problems to establish all truth on "Truth Evolutionism" completely:

(a) To ensure the existence of self-expanding perturbation, which is equivalent with whether a close system can expand forever, I proved that particles in universe will absorb energy from electromagnetic field and universe will expand forever if new photons are generated continuously, see theorem 3 in "Axioms and Theorems for a Perfect Pursuit System". But I have not discovered the best mechanism for photon generating, which is strong and weak interaction.

(b) I proposed that "Nihility is not Stable", so systems can expand from perturbations in nihility. So perturbation freedom is the only hypothesis in this theory.

(c) I proposed that expanding speed is uniquely decided by mathematical expression of pursued quantity and methodology, irrelated with the dimension of pursued quantity. This is called "universality of advantage"(axiom 4 in "Axioms about Methodology and Advantage"). This is foundation for science unification. So if profit, knowledge, happiness have the same mathematical expression as negative action, they will have the same expanding speed when following the same methodology.

(d) Physicists have discovered least action principle, so basic natural laws are best methodology to pursue negative action. So for systems with the same mathematical expression as negative action, basic natural laws will be their best methodology.

(e) If researchers can try all possible mathematical expressions of pursued quantity(like negative action in physics), and deduce the best methodology for each expression from largest pursued quantity principle, then there is an expression with the largest expanding velocity, called "perfect expression". The system with perfect expression and methodology is called "perfect pursuit system". I have not fulfilled this task, but I proposed that "The Universe is the Perfect Pursuit System", so perfect pursuit systems ought to have the same mathematical expression as negative action.

(f) If scientist could establish a complete mathematical theory between mathematical expression, methodology and expanding speed--to calculate expanding speed from mathematical expression and methodology, all truths will be deduced. I proposed some axioms about relation between methodology and advantage and relation between expression and advantage, they ought to be theorems if the task is fulfilled.

(g)If it is impossible to deduce expanding speed for all expressions and methodologies, then deducing the speed for the "perfect expression" might be enough.

Since I could not deduce expanding velocity for all possible expressions, and the "perfect expression" is the most important, I could only try to find the expression from universe--the believed largest system. I have not found the correct way to calculate negative action for strong and weak interaction. I have not translated quantum mechanics into science of pursuit either. The correct mathematical expression, a physics problem, becomes the main problem to complete "Truth Evolutionism".

(h) In the present mathematical expression of negative action, the negative action of field, Fik2 and space-time curvature R, is hard to understand. In "Axioms and Theorems for a Perfect Pursuit System", I proposed expected negative action to simplify the expression.

Conclusions on Truth Evolutionism project:

If scientists could establish a complete mathematical theory between mathematical expression, methodology and advantage, which means to calculate expanding speed from mathematical expression and methodology, truths can be found in the following way:

First, researchers can deduce the best methodology for fixed expression from largest pursued quantity principle, just like they do in physics. The largest expanding velocity must be positive to ensure that nihility is unstable.

Secondly, researchers can also deduce the best mathematical expression for the fixed methodology from largest pursued quantity principle, this is still a blank.

Darwin discovered Evolutionism to explain the origin of various lives: no mystery force is needed after the initial life origined. Now, from Truth Evolutionism, all existences and truths do not need mystery force either. Truth is the methodology making system expanding the fastest. Every existence is evolution result from perturbations in nihility. Evolutionism can play such an important role in ultimate truth because foundation for existences must be the simplest.

Truth--Teleological and Mechanical

So for an intelligent life with no knowledge about size and justice, "truth" and "largest" forms a circular definition.

Now, there are two ways to measure truthfulness of a theory. Normally, a theory can not have large truthfulness for both standards. For mechanical standard, definition for truth is:

(4) Truth is the simplest and correct way to express all facts.

When the same quantity of facts are included, set of all facts is the most complex form of truth. Axiomatized science, if both complete and harmonious, will be the simplest form of truth.

In order to be closer to truth mechanically, more facts must be included to make axioms simpler. For example, when considering geometry only, axiomatized geometry is the simplest, and so the closest to truth. But if physics is included, whole geometry is a theorem from mathematical expression of negative action.. If society and research is included, sciences can be unified into science of pursuit.

In science of pursuit, "Truth Evolutionism" is the simplest expression of all truth. So it is the closest to ultimate truth in mechanical standard.

For teleological standard, definition of truth is:

(5) The most fundamental facts needed to make a pursuit system having the largest pursued quantity.

This is natural result of "Truth Evolutionism". These facts are called "basic perfect pursuit methods".

Main Philosophy for Science of Pursuit

I believe the following three philosophical propositions. From them, I discovered science of pursuit, and leading to the discovery of "Truth Evolutionism".

(6) Ultimate truth ought to exist.

Ultimate truth can also be called Perfectness. Truth pursuit is not infinite process. If human beings and animals are not perfect(do not contain all ultimate truth), the only observable candidate is universe. In science of pursuit, the mathematical expression for negative action ensures that best behaviors always exist, so the best methodology, ultimate truth, exist.

In most situations, an unreachable limit is result of wrong path. There is no limit which is unreachable for all paths. In mathematics, different functions have different limits. Why perfectness ought to be a common limit for all research procedures?

(7) Universe is self-realized.

In science of pursuit, pursuers are supposed to have ability to choose, can be called "intelligence". The intelligence also comes from perturbations: systems without ability to expand are not important. Whether pursuit behaviors are chosen rationally or instinctively(even by agent, as in research) is not important.

It is a much natural result than any other hypothesis about origin of universe. But it is difficult to construct such a theory. Unsolvable problem is a problem with infinite high difficulty, so solving an unsolvable problem without inducing new unsolvable problem is always a success.

In universe, particles are supernatural: they behave perfectly to get largest negative action, as accurate as calculated from least action principle. No other pursuers can do that. They represent the maximum power of pursuit. They ought to be able to establish universe by their own, no need for other supernatural gods.

In science of pursuit, system expansion is unavoidable result for systems with good methodology. So a large system is evolution result of small system, even perturbation. In universe, growth of lagrangian is similar to growth of GDP in society--exponential increase from very small to infinite.

(8) Any existence can be constructed by living things with enough ability.

Every existence is established through a process, which is limited by some conditions, constructible is one of them. Foundation of physics ought to be the guideline to the construction process.

If universe is the only existence that can not be man-made, why it is so special? Scale is not an important problem, because we can build a small one.

For human beings, everything can be man-made. At least, everything can be constructed theoretically. Creator of universe has no mystery power. Human beings can have the same ability as the creator of universe. From (5), human beings can have the ability to perfect and develop their society.

As the start point of my research, this proposition is not an accurate principle but still an original way to understand the evolution property of universe. "To Create from Nothing" is a good start point to study universe if your knowledge about the universe is enough to decide the creation process(so you can not expect Newton to fulfil the task).

If a quantity is not constructed, the quantity will not exist. Human beings are familiar with price, and not with happiness, because they established a way to measure and stabilize price. For a society without price, pursuers would find it difficult to understand price. Many argued that happiness can not be measured in society, that is not an important problem for the theory. If human beings could man-made non-existed currency an accurate measurement, why they can not construct a new system to precise happiness in the future?

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