Problem: How to make universe developing forever?

Imitation method can be used in two ways: human beings learn best methodology for society and research from universe; physicists can also learn laws in some special situations from economy, or even research, because our observation to universe is far from enough, especially about large scale phenomena.

In economy, there is macroscopic economy. People adjust some constants, like interest rate, in a very large area to avoid depression. These ¡°constants¡± are usually treated as constants in a small area. For example, when somewhere is more developed, light speed is smaller. The result is gravitational field. In my opinion, macroscopic economics is the most useful social knowledge for future physicists.

I discovered the mechanism for universe to expand space and to increase mass, but, without a mechanism to make net change in number of pursuers, I still can not answer where universe came from. This requires that baryon and lepton conservation law must be broken. The mechanism is unknown yet, but a fundamental problem waiting to be solved is much better than an unsolvable fundamental problem. Present physicists observe universe then establish laws to explain the observation. They can not answer some problems in this way, like ¡°why these laws are adopted in universe?¡± Methodology with more unsolvable problems is worse, when other conditions are identical.

When universe is short of kinetic energy and free charges, it can not develop. From forever expansion principle, it is never allowed in a perfect pursuit system. In economy, when investment is low, policy maker can adjust interest rate. Generally, in every condition, people can found a way to avoid forever stagnancy. So particles must be able to avoid long time universe shrinking in any situation. Generally, pursuers in a perfect pursuit system will be able to avoid long time negative development.

In the following, I will explain how to do this in universe.

When all particles have been fused, how to make universe expand? A possible method is that it is easier to split then, so that there will be more free particles. And split might be easier when Planck constant is larger.

On the other hand, when particle density in universe is too low, Planck constant ought to be smaller, so fusion will be easier and more kinetic energy will be released.

If kinetic energy is insufficient for development, kinetic energy may be more valuable. This depends on whether a value ought to be decided by market, by supply-demand relation.

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