Human beings are tiny in front of "ALMIGHTY" universe...

Similarities between Basic Existence in Universe, Society and Research

Besides universe, there are two fairly independent pursuit systems: research and society. In the following, I establish one-one mapping between basic existence in the three pursuit systems.

Pursuer is the state that desire and commodity mutually occupies each other, like an individual in society. Similarly, particle is the state that momentum and space-time mutually occupies each other. In research, facts and theories are pursuers. Researchers are their agents: guiding facts and theories to states with more knowledge. A particle's orbit is similar to pursuit experiences of a person in society and evolution of a concept in research.

In universe, there are positive and negative charges. In society, there are consumers and producers, a consumer attracts producers and repels other consumers. In research, theories explain facts; facts prove theories, similar to attraction. There is contradiction between theories or facts.

Price difference is similar to electromagnetic potential difference. Especially, price tendency is similar to vector potential. Charge-current is similar to pursuer's sensitivity to price difference, desire change brought by unit price difference. If a producer distributes price properly, similar to field distribution of a charge, consumers will be attracted and other producers will be repelled. Attractive price corresponds to negative potential in physics. In research, facts and theories have opposite influence to explanation and contradiction environment. Explanation is similar to negative potential energy. Contradiction is similar to positive potential energy.

In universe, there is space-time, in which all particles exist and exchange field with each other. Similarly in society, there is market, in which consumers and producers live in and exchange reciprocal and competitive information. Field propagates in space-time; information propagates in market. In research, researcher¡¯s mind is a common place for facts and theories to exist and interact with each other.

Momentum-energy is action from the last unit of displacement. In society, desire is happiness from the last unit of commodity. In research, desire of a concept is knowledge from the last unit of application.

In universe, fusion provides unstable energy. Analogy provides new energy for knowledge progress. Merging and collaboration provides new energy for economy.

From "Axioms and Theorems for a Perfect Pursuit System", a perfect pursuit system is uniquely decided by pursuers¡¯ feelings. Since the seven axioms are very simple, it is possible for other pursuit systems to follow them. For all pursuit systems following the same axioms as universe does, the best laws ought to be the same as natural laws. Since people are reluctant to change their imperfect happiness feelings to satisfy the axioms, research maybe the first man-made perfect pursuit system, because knowledge feelings are appointed by researchers. The main difficulty on perfecting society is how to satisfy the axioms. Pursuit systems following the same axioms as universe are pursuit systems with ¡°perfect feelings¡±.

Basic natural laws are perfect pursuit methods. Their advantage can be tested in any pursuit system. They are followed in universe, but not totally followed in society because society does not pursue the best. Here are some perfect methods. An independent pursuer chooses state for its feelings. Space-time forms a unified market--there is no boundary for pursuer motion and field propagation. All pursuers are equal in front of pursuit methods. Pursuer reacts to field at once. In universe, there is no action equality.

People have different impressions on society and universe. Some come from method differences, some from that human beings do not have ¡°perfect feelings¡±, and some from observation differences. In universe, the pursued quantity is the only observable quantity. In society, there are two observable quantities. Sometimes, people measure the pursued quantity roughly, like happiness, knowledge, importance, etc. But in most situations, people measure natural properties, like mass, number, etc. For example, ¡°one apple¡± uses natural properties twice: ¡°one¡± and ¡°apple¡±. If people just observe happiness and expected happiness in society, society will be much more similar to universe.

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