Society can be Observed like Universe

People have completely different impressions about universe, society and research. There are mainly two reasons. One is methodology difference; the other is observation difference. Observing all pursuit system with our eyes, with photon exchange, will hide their similarities, but observing all PS with "the corresponding photon exchange process in the PS" will reveal their similarities.

Suppose there is an intelligent living thing without feelings of mankind. It does not know what our happiness is and can not understand our commodities and desires. But if it observes a perfect society in the following way, it can measure expected pursued quantity of "commodity" and "desire", just like we observe space and particle.

Unlike universe, society and research are imperfect. For example, set of possible occupied states is not continuous in present market. But similarities between society and universe are largely hidden behind different observation method. If people observe universe in the following way, society will be very similar to universe.

(1) Compare actual states in the background of possible occupied states.

But in society, people usually locate a person in the background of space-time, which is set of possible occupied states for particles, not for human beings.

(2) Observe an independent pursuer as an entirety.

But in society, people observe personal supplies discretely, like a car, a house, etc, not observing personal state as a whole, similar to observe every piece of field input by particle.

(3) Observe a pursuer by exchanging possible contracts with it.

But in society, people often observe a person by exchanging photons, which are possible contracts for particles, not for human beings.

(4) Measure possible occupying and possible occupied by expected pursued quantity.

In universe, we observe energy and length. In society, people also measure mass and length, which is occupying and occupied for universe, not for society.

When (1) is followed, you will observe "space" in society; when (2) is followed, you will observe "particles" in society; when (3) is followed, you will observe "field" in society; when (4) is followed, you will measure ˇ°energyˇ± and ˇ°lengthˇ± in society.

If observing society and research as above, they will be much more similar to universe than what you think now. Then elementary physical quantities will exist in society and research, but value is arbitrary--personal desire does not need to equal to a particle's mass.

In society, even if happiness is unified, people will find that their market is much more complex than space-time, unless they measure commodity and desire by expected happiness. It is also true for any pursuit system.

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